Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Energy, Belly, Garden

I am so thankful to be getting my energy back. it is nice to be able to come home after work and still have the energy to cook and clean and keep up with SaraH. It also helps me sleep better at night knowing that the dishes are done and floors are clean. SaraH has even taken notice and loves to help. She now will take out her little trash of diapers and her bathroom trash. (YAY!! 2 Trash cans that i don't have to bend over to empty!!) She also enjoys helping me vacuum...

I think her favorite is bumping into me and saying "Hey! I'm working here." and I don't mind at all. I'm just happy she as an interest in and enjoys helping out.

As I am coming up on soon to be 6 months pregnant...

(In the photo with me is Sarah Gardner. There is a 3 month difference between us.) belly is starting to get more in the way. Such as bending over is becoming harder to do. (thankful SaraH has been very helpful in picking things up for me.) And now a days when giving hugs you will more than likely run into and or bump my un-squish able belly. ( don't get me wrong i find it a little funny. especially when the one being hugged gives me a funny look... as if to say hey your belly didn't squish like i was expecting it to.) we are looking forward to May 7th in hopes of finding out if we will blessed with another girl or if  we are entering unknown waters with a boy. I am also expecting my weight to level out to maybe gain a little. With SaraH I lost 15lb in the first 5 mo and at 6 mo was little to no change 7 mo GAINED a little over 7 lb. With this one I have lost a little over 30 lb. (: (Look i lost the baby weight from SaraH) :)
Seeing how SaraHs first response to having a baby was "no thank you, I'm fine." we have been working on trying to explain that there is a baby in my belly and what will happen when the baby comes out and where the baby will sleep and such. So after all our efforts SaraH has changed her mind. She now will tell me/ remind me of 2 things- first the baby is hers and  second she had it first. (we have since cleared up the matter of who has it first but also letting her know that mommy will share) :) the other day she was asking if the baby can eat different foods so i explained to her that mommy will feed the baby for a while first. she then took the baby out of my belly button and held it up for it to eat when i asked her what she was doing she looked at me like i was crazy and said "baby hungry" after the baby finished she put it back in my belly. she then too something out of her belly and held it up to herself so i asked what she was doing and she told me she had puppies in her belly and that they were hungry. :) Toddlers are a good source of humor!

I enjoy working in my Garden it is a great stress reliever. with that said there are some things that i don't like so much about my garden... like the fire ants, centipede grass, and poisonous spiders those would be the 3 top things. I don't mind weeding but hate to weed while red ants are attacking.  ugh! so the 7 dust has been laid and it has done its job so hopefully they will not be back... Just yesterday we planted things in the garden and are now waiting for our hard work to pay off or at least we are hoping it will anyway.  

Monday, April 5, 2010

oh how time flys

Let’s see since my last post in dec. SaraH has turned 2! She has been Very good at being a 2 yr old too. :)

Joe and Anna’s family has come down for a visit and Sarah Loved playing with her cousins Jerome and Evan and helping with baby Sophia. She now thinks that every baby she sees is baby Sophia. :)

It seems as if it were yesterday I took the test and found out I was pregnant and am now realizing that I am half way done with my pregnancy. Most days I don't even feel pregnant so to say the least I am still in shock that baby number 2 is on its way.... When we first asked SaraH if she wanted a little brother or sister she responded " No thank you, I'm fine." she has now come around to telling me just about every time she hugs or kisses the baby that "MY baby, I had it first" :) I just smile and let her know mommy gets the baby for the first 9 months THEN mommy will share the baby" :) we are looking forward to Friday when we hope to find out what we are having....

Easter was fun this year Sarah enjoyed Easter egg hunting (or Easter egg hide n seek) so much that she started to hide and find the eggs on her ... she also got the soccer ball that she has been talking about and wanting for some time now.

We are now looking forward to June when we take our family camping trip...