Sunday, September 13, 2009


Lately our phones have been less than.... Lets say helpful. They randomly turn off... They sometimes don't ring... I would call Matt 3/4 times and he would have 1 missed call... At the end of the day I would be so frustrated that sadly I would take it out on the wrong things/people. SO a decision was made!! NEW PHONES. :) We then went on the hunt... Which network? Which phone? What do we want our phones to do? The list goes on....... (what a headache) But after all is said and done questions were asked and answered.... And then decisions were made... A smaller plan (amazingly we were only using 200 of the 10000 min of our old plan) And a new phone a blackberry for both of us (thank goodness for sales) I'm not sure I 100% love it yet but I am still trying to figure out how to use it..... I was told that I will love it in the end and that I won't be able to go back to a regular phone....( I must say that so far I am really enjoying it...)
SaraH LOVES the phone change... (she got our old phones..{they can't make any calls}) She has carried them around all day... She has also been trying to trade phones with us as NOW she also wants the cool new phones...
Change of subject :
I made this Volcano cake... It was 14 in. tall (the valcano part was) and the base was 18 in. by 24 in. (the valcano base was only 11 in. in diameter) IT WAS A BIG CAKE! It was so much fun to make. In the end I used 9 cake mixes 40 eggs and about 4 lb. of frosting (it was a big cake) there were some first with this cake... It was my first time carving a cake, and make a cake erupt. This cake was a surprise for my friends little boy (who is not really all that little) when he saw it for the first time he was SHOCKED!! I would post a pic BUT I can't find my maybe later...

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