Monday, August 16, 2010

End of summer...

The end of summer is almost here which is means the end of my pregnancy is almost here too. All along the way we have been explaining to SaraH how there is a baby in my belly and now that we are close to the end we have been explaining how the baby will soon be coming out. :) the other day we were going through the steps of how mommy and daddy are going to go to the hospital and then the baby will come out then you will get to come see and hold him... SaraH went on to say that she was going to give him a big hug and then we can put him back in my belly. :) We then went on to explain that once he comes out he will then be to big to go back. :)

We are all really excited for our family to grow (and ready for him to come) SaraH has made sure that his diapers are out and ready and has even tried out his bouncy/rocking chair. (we purposely got one she can sit in without breaking as we expected she would want to sit and do things that the baby will do) We are all hoping that the baby will come in a timely manner :) some more than others :)

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